2023 Annual performance management meeting held in Bishoftu TK hotel.

Our Annual performance report will be an exercise for the future to improve our gaps and it is
an exercise for us to improve way of reporting based on the KPI of each department. In addition
to this, this meeting will help us to strengthen our team spirit as a family in Alvima Foods company.

We have been discussing annual performance of each department classified by the following:-

  • Forecasting report: we forecast upcoming expectations and projections for a project in the company and also company operational activities, often predicting future performance across specific parameters. 
  • Status report: we discussed summarizes report from each department on there status , where we are where we will go in the future based on our budgets and costs allocated.
  • Progress report: we discussed on some progress report from each department to describes what they have accomplished in the company since the previous year 2022.
  • Earned value report: we discussed and having report on what we earned in the current year 2023 and taking lesson for the future to be maximize. 
  • Variance report: we discussed on differences between planned progress and actual progress in each department in the company to see their performance.

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