Alvima Foods complex PLC started operation in 2017, by investment of more than 20 million USD engaged on production of high-quality pasta and flour in order to fulfill highly growing demand of quality pasta in Ethiopia. Now by allocating the required budget and using already established well organized knowledge and infrastructure we have added and export division.

Alvima foods is successfully implement international standards which is FSSC 22000-2019 (Food safety system certification) and also successfully deployed ERP system which is Microsoft Dynamics NAV in all its business activities.

Main features of Alvima Foods complex PLC.

  • The pasta machine has a production capacity of 660 quintals or 6600 cartons of pasta per day. The pasta production machine can produce different size of pasta (thin or thick) based on the customers’ requirements. All production activities of the machine are monitored by the system. Like the flour mill, the goods in progress and finished goods of the pasta machine are also contact free and fulfill foods safety standards.
  • The flour mill has a production capacity of 120 tons of raw wheat per day. The mill is installed for two purposes. Firstly, to produce different grades of bread flours for direct sales. Secondly, to produce flour for pasta production. All production activities are monitored by the help of IT system without human intervention. Hence, the goods in progress and finished goods of this mill are contact free and fulfill foods safety standards.
  • The manufacturing process is fully automated using state of the art Switzerland technology from Buller to enable the company to produce the food items without human contacts.
  • The company has accumulated a very good knowledge and experience of the products and the market.


  • Our mission is to provide fast, efficient, reliable and cost-effective products and services to all of our customers.
  • Satisfying our customers more than their expectations with our products and services.
  • Create efficiency, consistency, honest and integrity to our customers.

  • Our vision is to remain the lading and preferred manufacturer of pasta and exporter of agricultural products and pasta in east African countries.